DizzyDx™ Helps You

Evaluate people experiencing dizziness using the World Health Organization's International Classifications of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF) Model.

DizzyDx™ is a web-based interactive Clinical Decision Support Tool for Rehabilitation Providers.



  • Health History
  • Comorbidities
  • Symptoms
  • Common Presentations
  • Early Referrals


  • Patient's Context, Life roles
  • Hypothesized Impairments
  • Clinical Testing
  • Consultations & Referrals
  • Targeted Care


  • Evidence-informed Decisions
  • Effective Documentation
  • Interprofessional Communication
  • Provider Confidence
  • Patient & Provider Satisfaction
  • Value-Based Care

Our Story

The first version of DizzyDx™ was presented as a poster at the 2015 Brain Injury Summit hosted by Craig Hospital in Vail, CO. Participants in post-professional courses facilitated by co-founders Heather Campbell, PT, DPT, MA, OCS(e), and Nicole Miranda, PT, DPT, often requested additional clinical decision support, which led to development of DizzyDx™ as an innovative educational technology product that could address the depth and complexity of the content. The app has been iteratively grown and tested with Doctor of Physical Therapy students and clinicians.

As a clinical decision support tool for evaluating dizziness, DizzyDx™ assists rehabilitation professionals in making well-informed decisions by integrating patient data, medical knowledge, and evidence-based recommendations. It streamlines the differential diagnostic process for functional impairments, promotes consistent and high-quality care, and enhances planning of effective treatment for patients with dizziness-related issues.

The mission of DizzyDx™ is to promote a broad-based approach to dizziness. This accessible and affordable resource supports general rehabilitation providers in their abilities to address dizziness through risk assessment, peer consultation, patient education, and appropriate specialty referrals. As a software-based system, DizzyDx™ provides regular updates to content and references, a platform for independent and group study and mentoring, and for tracking development in dizziness evaluation.

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Raymond van de Berg, MD, PhD, the Bárány Society

"I think it is a very valuable product, since this can help clinicians ... to think beyond the "regular" diagnoses ..."


Zach Sutton, PT, DPT, OCS, ATC, CHT

"DizzyDx helps clinicians find their blind spots and assure confidence in their diagnoses and treatment plans"


Regis University DPT student

"Very user friendly, well organized, easy to use, and packed with information"